Diesel generators are essential machines for almost every industry and can be used as an emergency back-up power supply for businesses and homes when the grid is unavailable or difficult to access.

In addition to use, maintenance is also a major focus. Improper maintenance can cause damage to the machine, thus reducing its service life.

1. Air filter not clean

Failure to clean will result in increased resistance, reduced air flow and reduced inflation efficiency, resulting in a lack of engine power. The diesel air filter core should be cleaned or the dust on the paper filter element should be eradicated as required, and the filter element replaced if necessary.

2. Exhaust pipe blockage

This can lead to poor exhaust flow, reduced fuel efficiency and reduced power. Check if the exhaust resistance is increased due to too much carbon in the exhaust pipe. Generally, the exhaust back pressure should not exceed 3.3 Kpa, and the carbon in the exhaust pipe should be cleaned frequently.

3. Oil supply early angle too large or too small

This will form the oil pump injection time is too early or too late (injection time is too early fuel burning is not sufficient, too late will be white smoke, fuel will not be burned sufficiently), so that the burning process is not in the best condition. At this time to check whether the injection drive shaft joint screw is loose, if there is to be adjusted from scratch in accordance with the requirements of the early angle of fuel supply, and tighten the screw.

4. Piston and cylinder liner strain

Because the piston and cylinder liner strains seriously or wears excessively, and the piston ring gumming up the formation of conflict loss increases, the formation of the engine itself mechanical loss increases, compression ratio decreases, ignition difficulties or burning is not sufficient, under the inflatable increase, gas leakage severe. At this time, the cylinder liner, piston and piston ring should be replaced.

5. Faulty cooling and smoothing system

Diesel generator overheating, because of cooling or smooth system fault caused by such cases will lead to water temperature oil temperature is too high, easy to present pull cylinder or piston ring stuck phenomenon. When the diesel engine exhaust temperature increased, should check the cooler and radiator, eradicate scale.

Post time: Jun-21-2022