Bejarm Industrial fan manufacturers benefit workers in the workshop

Bejarm industrial fan manufacturer ---- SUZHOU Bejarm Technology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in workshop cooling and ventilation industry for 17 years. Its industrial fans, environmental protection air conditioners and other cooling equipment have realized workshop cooling and ventilation for 6000 enterprises. In the workshops that we contact with, we can often see the problems such as heat stroke, work-related injury, occupational disease, resignation, etc. caused by high temperature, dust, peculiar smell, and poor air circulation and so on. Enterprises often need to "pay" for these problems of


employees, not to mention about the high cost, it often affects the production efficiency, prolongs the delivery cycle and causes great losses because of such problems.

As an industrial fan manufacturer in Suzhou, established in this famous city. Bejarm established the cultural value of "creating benefits for the society, making profits for employees and partners, and build a better working environment for workshop employees" at the beginning of its establishment. It can be said that the merit lies in the present age and the benefit lies in the future.

After the industrial fan produced by Bejarm company is installed in the workshop, through the rotation of the huge fan blade, the indoor air is driven up and the indoor foul smell is discharged out of the room, which strengthens the indoor ventilation effect. The continuous rotation of the industrial fan brings the three-dimensional circulating wind, which makes people feel slightly cool, it is the same feeling like you just coming out of the swimming pool and the body temperature feel the difference between 5 ℃ and 7 ℃, which is very comfortable.

With such a good ventilation and cooling effect, it is difficult to see the problems such as high temperature, dust, peculiar smell, and poor air circulation in the workshop. The virtuous circle brings about the obvious reduction of heatstroke, industrial injury, occupational disease, and resignation.


In addition, the cost of the investment and operation of industrial fans is very low. Take the 7.3m industrial fan as an example, one fan can take care of an area of 1800 square meters, while the power consumption is only around 1 degree per hour, and there is no need for complicated wiring. Such a good product should be installed as soon as possible. For more industry solutions, please call:

Post time: Mar-29-2021