Safety for industrial fans

Bejarm industrial fan is removable and can be installed efficiently, it is easy to use and can achieve the goal of fast cooling. Manufacturers have a high degree of recognition for the cooling effect of Bejarm fan. However, when faced with huge fans, manufacturers still have doubts about safety problems. Today, let's see the safety protection performance of Bejarm industrial fan together!

High strength industrial bolt

Grade 8.8 high-strength industrial bolts, locking nuts can avoid loosening, transverse through the wall, reduce the risk of fan falling to a greater extent, improve stability.

Traction wire

Four cables can be fixed on the ceiling, and the stress strength of each steel cable can reach 1000kg. We use the tightening tool , and four cables can be tightened at the same time to increase the load ability, so as to improve the safety and stability of the fan.


Double safety ring

The connection between the traditional fan blades and the blade handle is easy to loosen under long-term rotation, which causes the blades to break or fall off. However, the fan safety ring connects all parts, and each connecting part is fixed with bolts. The double safety ring plays a protective role in the event of an accident and prevents any parts from sliding.


Hollow blades to reduce weight

The fan blade is made of aviation aluminum magnesium alloy, which is light in weight, low in density, good in heat dissipation, strong in compression resistance, and reduces the load-bearing capacity of the fan. Our company adopts hollow cutting to reduce the weight, and three internal steel bars to strengthen the hardness, so as to effectively reduce the risk of fan blades fracture and maximize the safety protection.


Frequency conversation control; Real time monitoring

The frequency conversion control system can monitor the state of the fan at any time, adjust the wind speed freely, and has its own current overload protection system for safety monitoring, so as to reduce the failure rate, effectively extend the service life.


Post time: Mar-29-2021